Thursday, November 17, 2005

TV Journal #5

Band of Brothers

I’m Albert Blite from the Easy (E) Company. Six days after the invasion, we were on a mission in Normandy, France. This assault was my first one since the start of war. It was infernal out here. Men were dying. There was gun shots, and grenade explosions all around me. Sitting on the floor, leaning on the wall, I was petrified. The shock of the situation was so intense, then things got black, and I couldn't see anymore.

During this fight, I didn’t want to let anyone down but I was scared. Later, Lieutenant Winters saw me at the infirmary when he came here for himself, injured in the lower leg by a fragment of a lost bullet. He told me I would go home. But I didn’t want to go home. I was here to fight for my country, as a hero would do. At this moment, my vision came back. I could see again. Later, some people said I was having a spherical blindness due to an excessive degree of stress.
Posted in the woods, waiting for the enemies, a sergeant, who came in to my hole, told me that all this (the war) was just a game, maybe to comfort me. later, we heard mortar explosions and the same guy said that the Germans were doing this because they wanted the town back. If they didn’t come to us before, then we would attack at first light at 05:30.
After That Sergeant Lieutenant Spears talked to me. He told me we were all scared. It was normal for a soldier. And about the confidence I told him, he said I was hiding in that ditch (after I jumped off the plane and lost my unit the first night of the war) because I was hoping there was hope. But the only hope we (the soldiers) had was to accept the fact that we were already dead. As soon as I accepted this, I would by able to function like a real soldier. Without mercy, compassion, or remorse. The war depended on it.
Early this morning, Germans arrived. I just can’t get out of my ditch. But Spears came back. He put a hand on my shoulder and encouraged me to get up and fight. This was what I did. I got up and fired my first bullet. The others followed. I was unstoppable until my weapon became empty. This was the sign that I wasn’t hiding anymore, getting face to face with the death. After reinforcement arrivedl, I shot my first Germans. It wiped away my fair. But all good things have an end, when I got shot in the neck by a hidden German’s sniper.

TV Journal #4

Band of Brothers

I’m Lieutenant Winters from the Easy Company My troop and I were spread out all around our drop zone. Five hours before the infantry was attacking the beach of Utah, we were supposed to meet at the rendezvous point at St. Marie-du-Mont. At the landing, I lost my equipment and my primary weapon. First I found a soldier, a player of my team when I was coaching basketball at college. He was from the Able Company. On our road, we found other guys, soldiers from the eighty-second devision. With their map, I discovered that we were seven kilometers from our objective, and we had four hours to get there. With those four guys and 6 others from the Easy Company that we met, we attacked a convoy passing under a cross road bridge. No one on our side was injurerd. Finally, we arrived at the rendezvous’ point. After a little rest, we were sent back to battle to neutralize some canons firing on Utah and Omaha beach, and destabilized the enemies.

My job as a lieutenant and a leader, was to motivate my troop and lead them without sign of anxiety. We have been trained to be the best, and I knew my men wouldn't let my down. Something frustrating was when Goneray fired on that cargo without my command. In a way, even if he disobeyed, I understand this act of rage, when you lose someone of your family in the same war. My second disappointment was that first man I lost in combat, the young boy who was in the basketball team.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

TV Journal #3

Band of Brothers
1) What does Easy Company stand for?
It was a group of air borne’s soldiers during the Second World War.

2) Who was the officer in charge of the Easy Company?
The officer was Sobel. He will be transfered in another training camp.

3) Who was the leader in the first episode? Rochard D. Winters is one of the greatest leaders of the Easy Company and he will became one of the most high level and respectable soldiers in this company.

4) Where was the Easy Company training? In the basic training camp Toccoa, Georgia, and heads to Albourne, England to prepare for the invasion of Europe.

5) What was the problem of the commanding officer Sobel? Except for his great energy to train his troop, he didn't have the spirit of a leader in battle, he couldn't read a map, he gave wrong orders and he was hate by almost everyone in his troop.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

TV Journal #2

Band of Brothers

I was supposed to talk about Tommy Lee Goes to College and gave you a weekly report about it but because I had not interest watching English program and forgot a few times to watch it, I decided with the approval of the teacher that I will talk about a pack of DVDs base on a TV series. The series is calling Band of Brothers. It was directed by David Frankel with the collaboration of the actor Tom Hanks who was also in a movie of this kind called Saving Private Ryan. Hanks gives a great feel to this series. The series talks about the Easy Company throughout their campaign in Europe during the Second World War against the Germans, from their inception all the way to the end of the war. It this group of great soldats, we will see some finess leadership, great friendship, and how hard war can be on the moral of the troup.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

TV Journal #1

Tommy Lee goes to College

This CTV show is about a fourthy year’s old man, the ex-husband of the sexy and famous Pamela Anderson, twice divorced and the single father of two boys. The rock star Tommy Lee that dropped out school once, who decides to enroll himself at the University of Nebraska. Taking three classes like chemistry, literature and history, we will see him auditioning for the Cornhusker marching band, finding a roommate and starting his own fraternity, the House of Lee.